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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Well holy crap, that just happened! It was a rushed, whiz-bang episode of Survivor, featuring not one, but two Tribal Councils. Oh yeah, and it was also the last regular episode of the season before next week’s two-hour finale. The first Tribal of the evening was fairly straight-forward, but if you are like me, that last one left my head spinning. Let’s get to the bottom of what went down.

Be sure to read the fine print, as this week’s recap is non-transferable and can’t be stolen. Please only proceed if you have seen Episode 13 of Survivor: Game Changers. And while we WILL hit on all of the important developments, remember that this is more of a discussion and analysis and not a blow-by-blow account of how the episode played out.


Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

We are now down to our Final Six, people! But man was it a bit confusing to figure out just how we got there. The big drama from this week’s episode clearly came in the last 15 minutes or so, during the second Tribal Council of the night, the one that ultimately saw Michaela (?) sent packing. She followed out Andrea, who had been #blindsided earlier in the episode. We’ll get to the “why” of what exactly went down in a bit, but first let’s take a more linear approach to this week’s recap to try to make sense of things and put all of this craziness is some sort of context.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

First off, congrats to Aubry, who tonight won her very first individual Immunity Challenge after a total of 72 days (at that point) in the game. It was good she won, because we were starting to forget that she was even out there. Aubry is an All-Star in my book, please don’t get me wrong. But she’s getting only a slice of a better edit than Troyzan, who himself is getting just a pinch of a better edit than “Cowboy” Rick (from Survivor: South Pacific), who in turn was seen just a millisecond longer on-screen than “Purple” Kelly Shinn (Survivor: Nicaragua).

If you find yourself asking, “Who is Cowboy Rick or Purple Kelly? Exactly. Purple Kelly got such little airtime, that the phrase a “purple edit” refers to players that are not being shown all that much on-air. Both Troyzan, and to a lesser extent, Aubry, have been given “purple edits” this season, meaning that event though they’ve both reached Final Six and the Finale Episode, you can probably bet that they aren’t going to win. As an aside, it’s fun to follow Troyzan’s Twitter feed each week, as it usually includes him explaining to us what he actually did during that episode, despite the little credit he’s being given on television.

Aubry‘s Survivor experience thus far has been – as she explained this episode – a series of extreme highs followed by extreme lows. She wins the challenge, only to then come back and have her closest ally, Andrea, blindsided and voted out of the game. Now you can’t blame the others – namely Cirie – for targeting Andrea…she was one of the biggest threats in the game, a social, strategic and physical threat. But it was delicious to watch what led to her demise, despite how choppy and hasty the first half of this episode felt (you could tell they were cramming a lot more than usual into this week’s episode, and the unfamiliar format sort of threw me for a loop).

Thus far, we’ve been fed that Cirie and Andrea were close allies, but we found out that Sarah is much more valuable to Cirie’s game. Once Andrea dropped Sarah’s name as a potential target, Cirie flipped the game on Andrea and voted her out. Thus far, Andrea had been able to sniff out each and every person that had targeted her and was able to strike first…not up against the Cirie, who, by the way is (you know what’s coming by now…) THE BIGGEST THREAT LEFT IN THIS GAME.

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