Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Bidding On Love

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The Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Bidding On Love


Well, it’s been over a year and at least one sizable scandal later, but the Real Housewives Of New York are not ready to get off Tom D’Agostino‘s jock just yet! Now, Carole Radziwill has new intel that will fuel speculation about Luann de Lesseps‘ fiance (now husband) for the rest of the season to come. In the mean time, Bethenny Frankel tries to apologize to him at Dorinda Medley‘s charity event. It goes over about as well as a karaoke solo at an office party. In the daytime. Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan continues to bring the hammer down on Tinsley Mortimer‘s life choices – this time in the bedroom!

Dorinda is throwing a charity event for Beauty for Freedom, so she enlists Bethenny’s help – or at least, her commentary – in the effort. They meet out shopping, where Bethenny is more concerned with the “gigantic apartment” in SoHo she’s just purchased, which is 2,000 square feet larger than her current pad. She’s good at flipping properties, she says. And she’d like you to watch her real estate spinoff, please. She’s not good at forgiving Ramona, however, and has no plans of doing so. Though she does vow to be cordial when they’re forced together at social functions.


Across town, Ramona Singer is shopping with Avery, who plays world weary therapist to Ramona’s psychotic delusions. When Ramona basically bemoans Why doesn’t Bethenny liiiiiiike me? I tried to ask her weird backhanded questions about friendship!?!? Avery’s like, uh – talk like a normal person, maybe? But Ramona just looks confused (and weirdly disheveled). If Avery doesn’t know by now that common sense and rational logic do not compute in Mama Singer’s addled brain, she’s in for a lifetime of struggle.


Luann and Sonja are at lunch also discussing The Ramona Problem. Ramona still doesn’t understand why bringing Bethenny’s daughter into a sneak attack shaming session is an issue. Both women decide the basic assessment is as follows: Ramona has no clue. And I must say, when Sonja Morgan is “getting it” more than you – well, it’s time to take a deep seat and reflect on your insight capabilities. The maven of thong bidet laundering on camera is calling your mental ice brown, dear. And that’s just tragic.

The Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Bidding On Love

Speaking of tragic, Tinsley has decided that going to Beautique with Ramona and Sonja will be good for her social image. Immediately upon sidling up to the bar, Ramona orders three separate drinks for herself – which shall hereby be dubbed boilermaker, troublemaker, and instigator in honor of the three single gals on the prowl. Tinsley is all positive vibes and free love, sidling up to a 23-year old baby-man and taking an instant shine to him. So. Let the sh*tshow begin!


Ramona’s role: Love coach, circa 1959, who advises Tinsley to suck from a straw whilst smiling and batting her eyelashes at the young gentlemen. Also, the opening line of “Hey, how’s your life goin?” seems to do the trick, according to Ramona. Sonja’s role: Being a jealous raving lunatic who keeps shouting “He’s not on your LIST!” to discourage Tinsley from snagging her a young buck for the night. (Is Sonja just trying to stop Tinsley from making her signature move? SHE’s the straw that stirs the underage drink!)

Ramona has the good sense t…

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