Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Margaret Josephs Flashes Back To Siggy Flicker’s “Semi, NAH, Thanks”

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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: A Retreat To Remember

I’ve yet to be disappointed by a single episode of this season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey.

While I’m pretty certain that I couldn’t be around Siggy Flicker for more than a few minutes in real life, I think Margaret Josephs is a straight up hoot who doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and has infiltrated the group rather successfully. If her impersonation of Siggy wasn’t hilarious enough, her take on the first day of the retreat is just as good. Enjoy this throwback while you get ready for tonight’s latest Posche Fashion Show drama!

In her Bravo blog, Margaret begins, “Hello, Piggies! And here we are, one more epic week in The Jerz! As the holidays come around, I say we all give thanks for family, love, and for friends who love us enough to respect us. We’re off to Siggy’s weekend retreat at Crystal Springs, and I’m ready for some eye rolls and some role play. Joe could tell I was a bit down after my conversation with Dolores [Catania]. He didn’t know that it wasn’t a tense discussion but a powerful, meaningful, and profound one. It’s difficult to remind myself about the void I feel from the distance between myself and my children as well as the loss of not being in their everyday lives. Joe’s an angel, and I can’t put into words just how profoundly thankful I am for him and his unending, unconditional support. I’m reminded again and again just how empowering he always has been and continues to be. I’m definitely blessed with an extraordinary man.”

Rehashing the episode, Margaret writes, “Seeing Teresa [Giudice] and Dolores trying to resolve their issues was a great moment to watch. I got some insight into Dolores’ perspective and knowing that Teresa is a no-holds-barred kind of girl, I expected it to be more challenging that it was. That’s the power of real friendship and connection. Communication either comes easy or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, there’s no bond there. Twenty years of close friendship truly constitutes family, in my opinion, and the highs and the lows will come and go. In my divorce, I lost my best friend that I considered family, so I can almost relate to both sides of this fence. However, with Dolores calling herself a conspiracy theorist, I’m not surprised to see her take the cheap shot at Danielle [Staub] by calling her a drug addict. If Danielle’s not just being pure evil, then she must be on drugs, according to Dolores…that’s a pretty wild accusation, even for Oliver Stone, let alone Dolores.”

She adds, “The other issue for me here though is that even when discussing her own relationship with Frank, Dolores can’t help but take a sly dig at Teresa and Joe’s relationship. That was unfortunate, but it’s clearly the way she feels. Dolores said that and much worse last week with Siggy in the butt-pellet office. She can’t conceal her real opinions on her friend, and I’m beginning to see that she doesn’t even care to hold back with Teresa—only with Siggy. Not sure what that’s about.” Spot on, Marge!

Margaret digresses, “Watching Siggy eat that giant ice cream was really something, though. For the second time so far, I could finally relate to Siggy! I was so proud, I had a sundae of my own! FYI, my name is spelled M-A-R-G-A-R-E-T not ‘Margret,’ but that’s ok; when you’re the most talented person on face of the earth, what’s a little typo here or there, y’know? And yes I’ll come to your seminar and retreat…but I’ll tread lightly and sleep with one eye open, thank you very much.”

Dishing on her blossoming friendship with Melissa, Margaret shares, “Can I just say how I have truly loved getting to know Melissa [Gorga] more and more? I just click with her on all eight cylinders, and I think she’s a total doll. We have a few similar parallels (like being married to vertically-challenged Italian guys named Joe), but being moms, self-made businesswomen, and co-matriarchs to a large family kind of makes us bosom buddies—literally. It’s not easy being a working mom either. It’s almost as if it speeds up the process of your kids growing up somehow. It’s a constant stress that occupies your thoughts: be the best mother you can be, run a successful business, be the best mother you can be, run a successful bu…

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