Reality Stars Out And About: Kandi Burruss, Erika Jayne, Bethenny, Lisa Rinna and More! – Photos

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ATLANTA, GA - MAY 23:  Kandi Burruss and Riley Burruss attend "Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta" Atlanta Premiere at Woodruff Arts Center on May 23, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 23: Kandi Burruss and Riley Burruss attend

Happy Friday, readers! We’re starting off the long weekend by checking out what the reality stars have been up to all week. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and her daughter Riley Burruss attended “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Atlanta premiere at Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. Also spotted at the event: Mama June Shannon and daughter Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo).

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole (and her new gray hair!) attended opening night of Jersey Boys. Meanwhile, Shahs of Sunset stars Shervin Roohparvar and Mercedes “MJ” Javid attend Karma International’s 9th Annual Masquerade Ball.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards were both photographed running errands around Beverly Hills. Rinna was also on hand for a Mother’s Day celebration with her husband, Harry Hamlin, and their daughters, Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle.

In today’s reality star picture gallery you’ll also find Erika Jayne attending the final filming of Dancing with the Stars, Kourtney Kardashian soaking up some sun in Cannes with her new model boyfriend and more!


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge Share Photos From The Real Housewives Of Orange County Finale Party

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Even though it will be months before the fans get to watch the action, the Real Housewives of Orange County finale party just filmed. The OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson posted some photos from before and during the party. Tamra Judge also put up a selfie of her look from the finale.

Unfortunately, no real/confirmed drama or story lines have leaked from the party, but anything to tide me over until the episodes air is appreciated.


The ladies didn’t mention that they were at the finale party in their posts, but I did see another photo from a fan account on Instagram that indicated the ladies were filming the last night of the season… minus, the post-filming interviews, of course.

Vicki put up a selfie with her daughter (and honorary Housewife) Briana Culberson. I have no idea why Briana isn’t a Housewife yet, but I’m always thankful for her presence as the voice of reason on this crazy show. Aside from giving a shout out to her makeup artist in the post, Vicki also wrote, “Love going out with Briana all dressed up.”

Tamra put up a mirror selfie, but what really stuck out to me was her caption: “Who’s got your back baby…. that would be me.” If that’s not foreshadowing, I don’t know what is. As per usual, it looks like we can expect some drama with Tamra.


Vicki also put up a photo with her boyfriend Steve Lodge with the caption “On our way to the party. Thanks @devonduff for the great makeup. #rhoc #season12.”


Someone who seems to know everyone in the cast- and I actually wish she was a cast member herself- Heather McDonald was also in attendance at the party. Vicki shared, “Always fun being with Briana and @heathermcdonald@ryan_culberson @lodge4anaheim.” I really wish Heather was a cast member. Looking at this photo, she really fits right in. Plus, she would add some much-needed humor to the show.


I can’t wait to see what actually goes down at the party whenever the episode airs.

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Photos – Real Housewives Of New Jersey Throw A Disco Birthday Party For New Cast Member Margaret Josephs

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Melissa & Joe Gorga Attend #RHONJ Disco Party

Melissa & Joe Gorga Attend #RHONJ Disco Party

Last night the Real Housewives Of New Jersey had a disco party and overdosed on glitter, sparkles, and tacky. You know, like their usual Sunday brunches! (I kid). 

Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania came together to celebrate newcomer Margaret Josephs‘ birthday.


Margaret is a fashion designer and lifestyle expert with a long history in television. She’s been spotted filming with the ladies for a while, and attended the cast trips to Boca and Milan, however the cast and Bravo had been attempting to keep it super under wraps. Obviously Margaret is a friend of Siggy’s, the relationship expert. Because experts stick together!

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Margaret recently announced on her website that she has a “REALLY big announcement coming soon…” Like that she’s sold her red-bottomed sole to the devil joined RHONJ, perhaps!?

Margaret has three children and is married to Joseph Benigno, a high-end contractor. Joseph is her second husband – previously she was married to a fellow television presenter. Last night Joseph threw Margaret a surprise party, which I’m supposin’ was also the season 8 finale party. Given that the entire cast was there, and the glam was um… sparklier than usual. Margaret’s IG makes her seem pretty zany and fun, and not afraid to get into the mix.

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The gossip mill has been reporting that predictably Margaret got into it with her pal Siggy throughout the season, with things going bananas in Milan, and their friendship is currently teetering on the brink. She may be having issues with Danielle as well. Oh, the woes of a Real Housewife!

You can see photos of the RHONJ disco party, including Margaret, below. For fun, Dolores also shared a video of her rocking some disco hair!

A post shared by Dolores Catania (@dolorescatania) on May 24, 2017 at 9:39pm PDT


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Fredrik Eklund Excited To Work With Bethenny Frankel On Real Estate Spinoff; Says “She’s Crazy In A Good Way”

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Fredrik Eklund Excited To Work With Bethenny Frankel On Real Estate Spinoff; Says "She's Crazy In A Good Way"


When the boys of Million Dollar Listing New York stopped by the Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM this week to dish about their new season, Fredrik Eklund couldn’t help but touch on his upcoming real estate show with Bravo costar, Bethenny Frankel. The Real Housewives of New York star and Skinnygirl mogul has been long time friends with Fredrik, who has appeared on several episodes of this season’s RHONY with her to tease their forthcoming gig together.

When asked if Fredrik was doomed to get gray hair from working with a type A, polarizing personality like Bethenny, Fredrik joked that he knows she’s a “freak” – but he loves her for it!


Fredrik dished to Jenny, “I love her, honestly – I love her. And I always say that to her, on camera. She’s everything to me, and we’re friends. And now we’re business partners together in this venture. But she is a freak. She’s crazy! But, like, in a good way.”

“And there’s just something about her and me that, at least to me – it’s electrifying,” continued Fredrik, who admits that he and Bethenny are a lot alike, despite butting heads. “We’re both nut cases! I mean, it’s just crazy. But it’s good.”

Bethenny told The Daily Pop on E! that she is actually a producer of the show, which places her amongst Bravo execs like Andy Cohen, who she’s also had a long time relationship with. What this role might spell for the show’s overall arc is unknown – but one can assume Bethenny might have a large portion of control on how she’ll be showcased.

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The show’s premise, Property Project (a working title), will involve Bethenny and Fredrik buying high end luxury apartments, then flipping them for a profit. She told CBS news in an interview that “Fredrik has very, very, very fancy taste, but he doesn’t understand a budget.”

Bethenny also says that Fredrik will have to operate differently from MDLNY on this new show because “it’s his own money that he’s investing. So, the better the price is — and the less, you know, we have marble enrobing the toilet bowl — the more we can make some actual money. And, you know, I’m not his client anymore. We’re partners now, so I’m seeing under the hood…You know, real estate people are salespeople. I’m a realist and I’m a straight shooter.”

Well, whatever may unfold, Fredrik seems ready for it all. He’s been friends with Bethenny long enough to know what he’s getting into, right? (RIGHT?) “When you love somebody – and, you know, she’s a good friend of mine – she is all of it. She is all the colors of the rainbow. She’s crazy, but a very smart businesswoman,” says Fredrik.

When Jenny joked that she couldn’t do RHONY herself because she’s “scared” of Bethenny, Fredrik rebutted, “Well, I’m not scared of her.” Nor should he be! HE is the real estate king in this new partnership, after all. Which means Bethenny may have play sidekick once in a while, no? (A long shot, sure – but a girl can dream!)


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Second Wives Club Recap: Hi SocieTea Troubles

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Second Wives Clube Recap - Katie Cazorla

Second Wives Clube Recap - Katie Cazorla

On last night’s Second Wives Club, everything was chaos and everyone could have benefited from Shawna Craig‘s weed candy stash.

Shiva Safai may be 33 years younger than Mohamed but that doesn’t mean she’s immature. Shiva moved to L.A. at 19; her brothers soon followed, so she’s spent the ensuing years mothering them and desperately steering them out of the arms of overly-sexy hoochies. It’s a constant battle. Her brother Shayan especially has difficulty meeting a lady of appropriate means, so Shiva volunteers to fix him up with a girl who isn’t too sexy – someone more like herself: caring, maternal, gold digging, perfect.


Mohamed, who has a long history of marrying (or staying engaged to) beautiful women, also eagerly offers to help find some ladies for Shayan. I mean it’s kind of his area of expertise, right?! But, given Mohamed’s history of questionable taste marrying Yolanda Foster, Shiva decides to make a little bet with her fiancé to see who finds the girl Shayan prefers. So the race is on!

Veronica Obeng‘s life is in shambles, but she can still throw a good party! Her brother just graduated with his PhD in hotness so Veronika invites all her entire family, plus most of her friends over for a casual BBQ and super competitive family basketball game. Veronika even invites Morisa Surrey – who needs a little cultural awareness immersion training. And before she can even finish warning her family members that Morisa might naively drop a racial-ish slur, or whip out her breast pump mid-appetizer, Morisa walks through the door and the only faux pas she commits is wearing wedge heels instead of sneakers. Instead Morisa, who can’t cook and doesn’t even know where the food is kept in her house, gets thrown into an impromptu cooking lesson where our naive little moppet touches a potato for the very first time… like a virgin!

Veronika Throws A BBQ

When Shiva and Katie Cazorla arrive and see Morisa cooking, they both beeline for the wine STAT. Katie is so afraid she starts digging through the bar for the ‘good stuff’. It turns out Shawna has that when she arrives chewing on a piece of weed chocolate to deal with her anxiety – don’t worry she’s got a medical marijuana card! Maybe Shawana’s anxiety is triggered by the impending doom of Lorenzo constantly calling her back to him to change his Depends or because Tania Mehra didn’t get the invite and Shawna may accidentally-on-purporse let Tania know that after her phony yacht party and constant drama started, she’s been banished to the friend dingy for life – and their ain’t no life boat circling her waters, only sharks!

The other person not there is Veronika’s husband Michael. She pretends he’s working. Katie’s nose is twitching over time, sensing that Veronika is NOT telling her something about Michael, but luckily she’s distracted by opening her own tea bar (I think tea plus real bar) called Hi SocieTea. It’s consuming every moment of Katie’s life the way she consumes Taco Bell. What’s she not consuming in exchange, is Walter, who feels neglected. Katie is actually straight up ignoring him while she scurries around running her nail bar, while simultaneously opening the tea bar. Meanwhile poor dejected Walter is shuffling around, lost and wandering outside the retirement community, looking for his life alert.

Walter & Katie

Walter tries to surprise Katie at work with a lunch date, but she just barks at him to get her another cup of coffee and banishes him again. Katie’s assistant Alex is even shocked. Katie admits she’s put ever-loving Walter last on her priority list and even she worries how much he’ll put up with before he breaks. Realizing she better do damage control or it’ll be back to living in low societeeeee, they take their vespas (so cute…

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Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Losing Her Mother, Joe’s Prison Sentence, & Her Upcoming Book

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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice

To say that Teresa Giudice has had a tough year would definitely be an understatement. Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, you have to admit that she’s gone through a lot. She is a single parent now that her husband Joe Giudice is serving his prison sentence for fraud, her mother passed away, and I’m sure that she is dealing with a lot of drama as a Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member.

The one bright side of all this is that she has a lot of material to work with, not only for a reality TV show, but also for another book.


Teresa opened up about her upcoming book Standing Strong in a recent interview with People. The RHONJ star admitted, “This has been a very difficult year for me, with losing my mother and having my husband in prison.” That would be a lot for anyone to deal with let alone someone on a popular TV show.

She added,  “I found that writing this book and talking about everything I was going through was very therapeutic for me. I think this is a natural sequel to Turning the Tables, as it chronicles my life after I came home from Danbury [Federal Correctional Institution]. It in essence picks up where the last book left off.””

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Teresa confessed, “Writing this particular book has been very emotional and personal for me as I am going to depths that I have never gone to in previous books.”

Teresa admitted that she feels “incomplete” with Joe gone. The girls miss him of course, but they’re handling it well. “They’re doing good,” she said. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but a little easier because they went through it with me so they know what to expect. But they miss him tremendously, they always say we miss dad. They miss him. You can feel his absence, our family’s definitely incomplete without him.”


 [Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]

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Top Survivor Winners Of All-Time – Updated Through Season 34

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Survivor Winners

The Stakes Have Been Raised

No season of Survivor would be complete if we didn’t compile the all-time list of winners each season. With 34 seasons now in the rear-view, we just witnessed Sarah Lacina becoming the latest person to win Survivor…but where does this heroic cop-turned-criminal sit on the all-time list?

Each season of Survivor is unique, featuring its own set of rules, and players. Sometimes, comparing who is “best” comes down purely to one’s own personal opinion.

All 33 people who won Survivor obviously did something right in their season to have won. So this ranking is based on three things, and it’s quite simple: How the person played the game – their particular winning season – according to Survivor’s moniker of “Outwit,” “Outplay,” “Outlast.” Read on in order to see the Top 10 Survivor Winners of All-Time and where Sarah Lacina ultimately ranks.

sandra diaz-twine

#1: Sandra Diaz-Twine – ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands’ – Season 7, ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ – Season 20

Sandra won the game not once, but twice. In my mind, there is no better or clearer argument. It is hard to debate against the cold hard fact that Sandra has now won Survivor twice. It can’t be called a fluke, and it was done in two different seasons, with two different groups of people. Even Richard, even Rob, couldn’t win twice. Nobody has, which by default puts Sandra in a league of her own. Is her strategy of “anybody but me” the key to winning Survivor? Only partially. It basically comes down to knowing, and using, your strengths. And no, her losing during “Game Changers” does not taint or tarnish the Queen’s legacy.

Sandra is not a physical threat, so is not often targeted early. She has a rare quality (Hatch and Rob had it too) where she knew when to speak, and also knew when not to. Information is power in Survivor, and her tribe mates were always kept on a “need to know” basis. She also possesses a strong ability to sniff people out, like she did with Russell very early on in Heroes vs. Villains. Until another player wins twice (will that ever happen?), it is hard to argue against calling Sandra the top Survivor to have ever played the game.

Boston Rob

#2: Boston Rob Mariano – ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ – Season 22

Dominant. Absolutely masterful. There is no better way to refer to Boston Rob‘s performance during this season than that. All winners require a degree of luck (can you imagine of Rob had started off on Zapatera instead of Ometepe?) but Rob re-defined what it meant to play a “social game.” Others described his control over his alliance as “cult-like” and indeed he brought a Final 6 with him to the end, all of which firmly believed that Rob was taking them with him to the end. Even that phrase – “taking them” – shows the control Rob had… nobody was taking Rob with, he was “taking them.” He kept control of the game by constantly checking in, and not allowing opportunities for his alliance to discuss things with one another. He made all the right moves, said all the right things. He simply put on the best strategic performance the game has ever seen.

Critics will point out that at the time Rob played, he was also the only person ever to have played the game four times. But he lost “All-Stars” to his future wife Amber (although he dominated that season and should have won) and he could have won “Heroes vs. Villains” if it wasn’t for the opposing force, Russell Hantz (and a goofy, inexplicable vote from Tyson). His resume puts him nearly in a league of his own. So what hasn’t he done that keeps him from being the best winner in history? See #1.


#3: John Cochran – ‘Survivor: Caramoan…

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Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Return Of The Berzerkshires

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Welcome to Intervention In The Berkshires, a Real Housewives Of New York production. Although Luann de Lesseps is the recipient of last night’s intervention, it really should have been Ramona Singer because – well, the reasons could fill an A-Z encyclopedia set – or Sonja Morgan because she is getting waaaaaaay too intense with her tortured houseguest, Tinsley Mortimer.

Before anyone can get their panties in a Berkshires twist, we begin in NY with Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund discussing the sale of her current apartment – and prepping us, yet again, for their imminent spinoff. When Fredrik suggests that Bethenny remove the clutter from her home, she sees Skinnygirl Red, barking that she DOES NOT DO CLUTTER! And really, what is he talking about with this imaginary clutter issue? Homegirl is about as spartan as they come with her style. They can agree on a price though – as long as Fredrik agrees with Bethenny.



Ramona visits Carole Radziwill and her house of many Babies who aren’t babies to discuss Dorinda’s party, where a certain guest named Barbara dished some serious dirt on Tom D’Agostino. Carole is concerned that Luann doesn’t see the “real Tom,” not understanding that maybe she does, but simply doesn’t care.


Ramona has dirt of her own though! A woman, who she’ll call “Ann,” claims that Tom recently tried to stick his tongue down her throat. “Ann” dated Tom in the past, but knows he’s with Luann now. Ramona interprets this piece of intel as Tom “basically attacking” a woman against her will, which isn’t quite getting into the Phaedra Parks territory of slander, but is feeling uncomfortably close to it, no?


Carole wonders if they’re bad friends if they tell Luann, or bad friends if they don’t tell her? Ramona is all about telling Luann everything she possibly can to keep her on the ropes, so she suggests passing the info on to Dorinda Medley, who will do the dirty work. Dorinda’s eyes are also decidedly less darty and shifty when confronting other humans. So, solid plan, Crazy Eyes Killah!

While Carole and Ramona dish about Tom, the man himself and his betrothed take a lap around the park with their dog. Luann loves being in relationships because she can watch TV in the middle of the night. Alrighty, then. Tom loves how his dog marks his territory with urine. A good move for man and beast, he thinks. He also loves his own shapely legs, which are made for running away.


In the Berkshires, Dorinda is making it nice. Since the horror show of last year, Dorinda has implemented some ground rules: There will be staggered entries of different “teams” arriving at her home in a calm and orderly fashion, for one. These teams will be offered a Benadryl and a poison pill just in case anyone needs to suddenly pass out or off themselves, for two. (Kidding! But they should be.) There will also be a real life Sonja here this time, so Dorinda won’t have to hear her squawking about being left out for another 365 days.

Tinsley is back in the city meeting her mom for lunch, and to receive the news that her dad’s ashes are being transported to Florida. Her mother relays this info in an off the cuff way one might mention taking a duvet cover along on vacation. Tinsley seems taken aback, but moves on quickly, reminiscing with her mom on…

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Gizelle Bryant Thinks Ashley Darby Deserved To Be Confronted; Proud Of Karen Huger’s Courage

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Gizelle Bryant Thinks Ashley Darby Deserves To Be Confronted; Proud Of Karen Huger's Courage

Gizelle Bryant

Real Housewives of Potomac has taken a turn for the better this season, in my humble opinion. Some of the cast are showing us more vulnerability and depth, which makes for a deeper viewer investment in their storylines. Then of course we have Gizelle Bryant – who hasn’t changed a bit! Being the resident diva/sh*t stirrer has become her calling card, so she’s taking that schtick all the way to the bank.

Gizelle reflects on the confrontation she and Robyn Dixon took straight to Ashley Darby’s workplace. Though she regrets the location, Gizelle maintains Ashley had every word coming. She offers some backstory: “First, it was Karen Huger that thought Ashley was a rude, inconsiderate humping banshee. Then she said highly inappropriate things to Charrisse Jackson Jordan causing her to feel like Ashley was immature and ignorant. Then the Robyn Dixon/Juan accusations just brought Ashley to a new level of hot fish frying messiness.”


Initially, Gizelle says she was Ashley’s biggest fan. “Now when all these things are happening I am defending Ashley, being her biggest cheerleader. I’m VOUCHING for her, telling all the other ladies that Ashley means well, she really doesn’t want to be messy, she just can’t help it sometimes. I’m saying, ‘ladies come on, I mean… she’s cute, and she smells fresh and her hair makes her like a cuddly chia pet.’ How can you NOT like a chia pet? So yes, I needed to look at Ashley in the eyeballs and tell her that she had crossed the line and has gone way too far.”

So, what are some pissed off women to do? In Gizelle and Robyn’s case, they took their beef to the restaurant – Ashley’s restaurant!

Gizelle admits she was shocked that Robyn went from zero to finger-in-your-face outrage in ten seconds, but argues that Ashley pretty much deserved it. “There is an old saying, ‘DON’T POKE THE BEAR’, because if the bear wakes up from its comfortable, calm, laid back sleep then everybody needs to run for cover. I had no idea that Robyn was as angry as she was. If I knew that in advance I would not have suggested that we go to OZ and confront Ashley.”

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Gizelle does concede that blowing up on Ashley in her place of business was probably not the classiest move, however. She explains in her blog, “Now you know I love a good confrontation, however, that was not a conversation that should have taken place at anybody’s business let alone Ashley’s. Ashley deserved to hear everything we said in the way we said it but she didn’t need to be ambushed…my bad!”

Although she’s upset at Ashley on behalf of her friends, Gizelle claims not to care what Ashley says about her own failed marriage. She jokes, “I don’t have an issue or concern with anyone making comments about my marriage. My marriage is old, fossil-like, very crusty news…where are the dinosaurs?”

One housewife who stood out this week was Karen, who shared the painful story of being raped (during her college years) in order to raise awareness at a charity event for Pave. Gizelle acknowledges, “Karen telling her story was the bravest thing that I’ve seen any of my friends do in a long time. I was happy that she allowed us to be a part of that night with her. She made us all very proud and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking off all the people that she is going to help by just telling HER story. Bravo, Karen!” I couldn’t agree more.

Moving back to trivial matters, Gizelle stands firm in not giving her number to newcomer, Monique Samuels. She snarks, “To calling me all kinds of terrible names, to asking me for my number so we can be besties…NOT TODAY!”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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