Kelly Dodd Thinks Vicki Gunvalson “Screwed Up” Her Talk With Tamra Judge, Diko Sulahian Wants To Be A Housewife

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Kelly Dodd with Hookah

Kelly Dodd with Hookah

After a tough start during her first season Kelly Dodd has truly turned things around on Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s giving us the meme and gif-worthy arguments that we live for, but she’s not holding any long grudges. She has struck the perfect Housewife balance and she’s honestly the only one in this cast who has.

Everyone else refuses to interact with each other which makes it feel like I’m watching seven different TV shows spread out over an hour every Monday night. This was supposed to be the lead-in show for Dallas and the Texas women are blowing the OC out of the water this year. Thankfully they’re saving Monday night for the Housewives viewers. But anyway, this season is horrible aside from Kelly’s contributions.  Kelly is the only one who is socializing with every other cast member, she brings it with her own personal story lines, and her quotes. I never in a million years thought I would say this, but Kelly is the only reason this season is worth watching. I hope they turn things around, but they’ve spent every episode so far ignoring each other and talking about things that happened two seasons ago. Move on or get off the show.

Now that Kelly has struck that balance of being controversial and likable, she is applying that to her Bravo blog post about the last episode. Even though Kelly has been tight with Vicki Gunvalson since her first day on the show, she actually does seem to support her desire to rekindle with Tamra Judge. That’s how it should be, but most Housewives just get jealous when their bestie has another bestie… or friend… or acquaintance. Kelly wrote, “Yay! Vicki and Tamra finally got together to have “the talk” to try to rekindle their friendship!”

Even though Kelly has maintained her status as Vicki’s most loyal friend in the cast, she had to admit, “Damn, what the hell just happened? Vicki screwed up, that’s what happened. Apparently, the colonic didn’t remove all the toxins, because when Vicki sat down with Tamra, she had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth.” How did Vicki think that was the best way to go? She said she just wanted to be friends during her on-camera interviews, but she was so abrasive when it came to perpetuating the same rumors about Eddie Judge AGAIN.  Vicki really did fuck that one up. It wasn’t even good TV on her part.

Kelly admitted, “It pains me to say this, as Vicki is my very dear friend, but I cannot understand how she screwed up so badly with Tamra. For some reason, despite her best intentions, Vicki let her anger over past transgressions cloud her judgment. You know Vicki blew it when Tamra comes across as the calm, rational person who righteously walks away with her dignity intact.”

Kelly also discussed that obnoxious Lydia McLaughlin shopping scene.  Thankfully, her mom Judy is a total gem, but that was the only good thing about the segment. It wasn’t a good look for Lydia. Not only did she seem like a spoiled brat, but she spent all that time getting gifts from her mom only to show up to Peggy Sulahian’s party without a present for her. Kelly wrote, “In addition to lots of sunshine and drama, the OC has an abundance of realtors, lawyers, plastic surgeons and trust fund kids. If my mom was able to lavish extravagant gifts on me, the way Judy does for Lydia, I would be all rainbows and fairy dust, too.”

Even though Kelly has been an avid Vicki supporter, she couldn’t help joking about Vicki’s very awkward) interaction with Peggy’s son KoKo: “It’s a good thing Koko was there or Vicki would have no one to talk to.”  She also remarked, “All of us, except apparently Lydia, enjoyed the belly dancer’s performance, but Koko seemed to enjoy it the most. ” Lydia doesn’t seem to enjoy anything.. other than promoting her magazine and talking about her husband’s balls.

Kelly later said, “I am pretty sure Lydia has never been to a strip club. Confusing a belly dancer in a family restaurant with a stripper shows how insulated Lydia’s life is. Let’s see: Lydia is uncomfortable with drag queens, cross-dressing, discussing her boob job in front of men, and belly dancing, but totally comfortable telling everyone about Doug’s [McLaughlin] beautiful balls. Huh??” Why is Lydia on this show? She doesn’t contribute and she doesn’t seem to appr…

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