Below Deck Mediterranean Twitter War: Lauren Cohen & Hannah Ferrier Face Off With Bobby Giancola

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Below Deck Mediterranean's Lauren Cohen & Hannah Ferrier Face Off With Bobby Giancola On Twitter!

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Bobby Giancola sure has a lot to say about his epic display of immaturity on Below Deck Mediterranean lately! He has taken his fight to twitter to defend his honor – or lack thereof. After facing off with Hannah Ferrier on land and on sea (otherwise known as the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse and a yacht, respectively), Bobby is a wee bit irate with people not knowing “the full story.” Which would make him look less like a horse’s a$$, one presumes? Tell us more about this “full story,” Bob!

After Lauren Cohen wouldn’t come to Bobby’s defense this week in backing up his claims that Hannah “c*ck blocks” him, twitter peeps wondered why Bobby has to be so aggressively sexual with everyone in his path? Bobby fired back online, claiming, “It’s a figure of speech. I chose a poor group of words in the moment. What I meant was that she consistently tells women to back away from me.”


“I really don’t,” responded Hannah. “I have better things to do with my time and HONESTLY don’t care who you hook up with!”

“Then why go out of your way to pull Lauren aside to tell her to stay away from me?” demanded Bobby.


Still smarting from Hannah commenting on the three extra women Bobby brought along on a date with Lauren in NYC before filming, Bobby has made it clear that he’s the innocent victim here. The good guy, if you will. (Snort!)

When Bobby continued poking Hannah for answers online after the episode aired, Lauren got into the mix to clear things up. “Your [sic] jumping to conclusions. 1) I went up to her 2) She said it was wrong for u to bring 3 dates 3) I decided to stay away on my own,” she tweeted.

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Yes, Bobby is his very own special brand of female repellent. But he fails to see this, continuing his twitter attack – now on both Hannah and Lauren!

Ah, but the plot thickened when Lauren threatened to unveil some incriminating intel on Bobby – until Hannah warned them both to simmer down before things got out of hand.


After Lauren swore “the amount of dirt I too have is outrageous and u know what I’m talking about” to Bobby, Hannah cautioned that they all chill out before more mud was slung. She tweeted, “Let’s all chill,” warning that posting DMs about one another online is “very de-classe.”


Of course, Bobby took Lauren’s bait, goading her to post anything she wanted. (And I second that motion! Post away, Lauren!)

Indeed, things got so ugly that Malia White (Bobby’s on-board obsession of the moment) tweeted a plea for help to exit the convo ASAP! The poor thing became collateral damage in a twitter war more immature than a middle school food fight.


So, bottom line: There’s obviously no love lost between Bobby and&#8230…

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