Tamra Judge Opens Up About Skin Cancer Removal

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Unfortunately, Tamra Judge went through a pretty scary experience recently thanks to skin cancer. Thankfully, she was on top of getting her examinations and had the squamous skin cancer removed. Tamra shared her experiences on social media and hopefully this encouraged the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s followers to be diligent with skin care and dermatologist visits.

This is the one time when I am happy that a reality TV star exposed some skin on Instagram. It’s good Tamra was open, honest, and spread awareness about something that could affect anyone.


A week ago, Tamra put up a pic stitch of her experience at her dermatologist’s office. Along with the pic, Tamra wrote, “Let’s do this Dr Litchfield. @cacoastalderm having two spots cut out today.” She also shared some good advice with her followers: “Get your skin checked my friends it could save your life.” Preach, girl.

In another Instagram post, Tamra went a little more in-depth about what she had done at the doctor’s office. Tamra revealed, “The arm spot was a squamous cell skin cancer and the leg was a moderately atypical mole.” She also urged her followers to get checkups as well. Tamra wrote, “All done. Get your skin checked.”

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We all know how much Tamra lives for her workouts these days, so I have to assume she was pretty upset when I saw her post “NO working out …. say what? Squamous cell skin cancer removal.” That’s really hitting Tamra where it hurts, but missing a few gym sessions is definitely worth it when the alternative is not removing cancerous skin cells. That’s for sure.

Tamra’s last update about her health included a selfie with the scar on her arm in the frame. In the caption, Tamra wrote, “It might not look pretty but my margins came back clear. Woot woot. Big thank you to @cacoastalderm. See you Tuesday to get my stitches out. #skincancerbegone. I think scars are sexy.”


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Summer House Recap: Crockpot Disasterole

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Kyle Cooke in a mullett wig

Kyle Cooke in a mullett wig

On last night’s Summer House, Fourth Of July fell on a Monday, which meant the party continued for one more lovely day!

Despite having to venture back to the city to begin a hellacious 3-day work week, the housemates threw a ‘casual’ BBQ brunch, where they frolicked in flag-adorned wardrobes, then strapped on their respectable fisherman’s sweaters and chinos to jettison back to reality later that evening, or in some cases, 4 am the following morning.

Yes, in Montauk every minute is a minute you could be consuming a cocktail, or dealing with a c–k! (or is it dick – I’m conflating the two with good reason here). The rules of Summer House are governed by Kyle Cooke and his roving eye.


Kyle believes all problems, from clingy flings to regrettable comparisons to Steve Jobs, can be solved by blender drinks, 4 am potato chip showers, and pointing to positivity using drunken Thai Chi. Kyle just wants to channel the party gods, guys! And in Kyle’s dictatorial Neverland, the only rule is no relationships! Therefore he is pissy that his good friend Everett Weston went ahead and got couple’d. What about Kyle’s bromance?!

Kyle also condemns other adult-like behaviors unless you are the Wirkus twins cleaning the kitchen post-party.

Kyle Cooke BBC

Celebrating the Fourth Of July should never be wasted on remembering America’s fight for independence, but instead awash in the marvel at American innovation in creating the beer bong. And then washing that down with a “BBC” – a Baileys, Banana, and Cream. Cause why not?! After all we won that independence in a war against Britain! The BBC is essentially the alcoholic version of a meal replacement shake. Like Slim Fast For Sunday Sloshers.

Kyle also decided no good fight for independence is complete without honoring America’s greatest discovery – screw you Vidal Sassoon, but come in nice and close for a hug 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus, because on this great day let the freedom to business in the front; party in the back, ring. Which is kind of a great metaphor for the lives of the Summer House crew, no?

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By week they are all business in NYC, selling $1.9 million in dental sales from a backpack while waltzing around Chelsea, or rushing from SoHo to NoHo to host the opening of an envelope, then, on Friday, driving to Montauk around 1 – perhaps 3 if you have a particularly heinous slave-driving boss – to get down to the business of partying in the back bay.

Well such is the lives of early-thirties semi-singledom in Manhattan/Montauk. Last night’s drama was all about relationships. Kyle is dating-ish Amanda, who is 9-years-younger in years (not maturity), however all this means is she’s “not looking for a ring” and has “less cellulite.” Oh, those girls of a Tinder-age – so gullible about the machinations of older men (in mullets) with the emotional maturity of toddlers.

Kyle and Amanda Summer House

Kyle’s quandary is that he may want to get back together with Amanda post-summer, so he doesn’t want to crush that potential by stringing her along. Amanda told him that she can’t handle the instability of whatever they have going and wants more commitment. To Kyle that seems to means consistently hooking-up when it’s convenient for him. And Kyle will not be tamed!

I already have a love-hate relationship with Kyle. He reminds me of my wonderful years as a West Virginia University undergrad and he’s definitely the type of guy you’d have fun with – not the type of guy you try to have ‘talks’ with while spraying sunblock on his mullet. Because Kyle is all fake hair and douchetoids.

Proving that incestuous socializing is all the rage in this group, we learn that Kyle had his first guilt-free summer fling by making out with Lindsay Hubb…

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Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Goes To Court For Domestic Battery Case; Claims She Was The Victim

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Below Deck's Kate Chastain Goes To Court For Domestic Battery Case; Claims She Was The Victim


With her court date upon her today, Kate Chastain will face the charges brought about in early June of domestic battery of then-girlfriend, Rocio (Ro) Hernandez. Charges against Kate detailed in a Melbourne, Florida police report claimed Kate bit, held down, and choked Hernandez after the two women came home from a bar late at night on June 11. But the Below Deck star has maintained her innocence all along, even issuing a statement through her lawyer, Gary Frese, in August that said, “The version of the incident told to the police by Ms. Hernandez is completely fictitious.”

Now, video footage of Kate from the day of the charges reveals her telling police that she was actually the victim of domestic battery – not Hernandez.


When asked why she didn’t file charges against Hernandez for the alleged abuse, Kate reasons that she is a “public figure” and didn’t want to bring scrutiny to her image. In a video released by Florida Today of Kate at home after the incident, she shows police officers a bite mark on her hip and tells them, “I’m on TV. I’m a public figure. I can’t have this domestic nonsense.”

Hernandez, who reportedly had “numerous bruises all over her body” and “bite marks on her arm, on her neck, and on her thigh” told police that Kate had attacked her in their shared home after flying into “a fit of rage.” But every story has multiple sides and, according to Kate, the police report didn’t reveal the whole truth.

In the video, Kate tells officers that she had been “held hostage” in her home by Hernandez for three days. During this time, Kate alleges that Hernandez “was on the floor breaking glass … she poured champagne on my head,” adding, “It’s been a horrible week. It’s been broken glass, fighting, screaming.”

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When officers then asked Kate why she didn’t call the police during this three-day altercation, she answered, “Because I’m on television, and I don’t really need a news report coming out that I have a lesbian domestic violence.” Alas, news reports did surface when Hernandez went to the police instead.

After word of Hernandez‘ allegations against Kate broke, Kate’s attorney issued a statement that argued her claims were bogus. Frese told Florida Today, “Ms. Hernandez, a former professional fitness trainer over six feet tall, physically attacked Ms. Chastain who tried her best to defend herself during the attack. Ms. Chastain is of very slight build and is 5 foot 7 inches tall. At no time was Ms. Chastain the aggressor in the altercation. When all the actual facts are determined in the legal process Ms. Chastain will be completely vindicated and Ms. Hernandez will be shown to have a history of violent behavior and to have completely misrepresented the facts to the police about Ms. Chastain’s actions.”

Hernandez appeared on season four of Below Deck when she visited Kate aboard Valor (for some seriously over-the-top PDA sessions). Since filming, Kate hinted at her innocence in the police matter, blogging that “it only takes one person’s words to forever affect the life of another.” Perhaps clarity will be found today in court.


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'The New Celebrity Apprentice' star Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates comedian Jon Lovitz

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The New Celebrity Apprentice star Arnold Schwarzenegger “terminated” Jon Lovitz during the second half of Monday night’s two-hour episode on NBC….

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Lies In LaLa Land

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Ariana at Katie's Bridal shower

Ariana at Katie's Bridal shower

So, do we think Brittany Cartwright‘s mama is going to be successful in her quest to get Jax Taylor into a church?! If so, will the holy water turn him into liquefied jelly – or will he start speaking in tongues?! Oh wait, he already does… Yes, an exorcism must be done on Vanderpump Rules, but shockingly, Jax isn’t the one who needs it. OK, maybe he does, but not as bad as some people…

So let me tell you a little story about a Three-Headed SheBeast named KriStasstie – if that sounds like a very weird food served in an eastern European prison, or a disease you probably do not want to contract from a monkey, well, it’s not far off.

This is the story about three women who have absolutely NO IDEA how unimportant their opinions are, and their self-aggrandized delusions about their amazing friendships are, well, sad. Really sad. Thank goodness we have the ‘boyfriend stealing’ Ariana Madix, of the dewy mermaid skin and evil eye to put them in their place. And their place is out by the dumpsters at SUR. Who knows…they may even be puking in them.


Everyone has returned from birthday trips, but nothing about being another year older makes anyone happier. Especially when you’re eternally single Stassi Schroeder, doomed to wear dickies (and the closest you come lately to an actual d–ks being a photo of your ex-boyfriend’s). Meanwhile, there is Lala Kent, who bailed on Ariana’s birthday trip with a completely lame, pathetic excuse. Yet here she comes, strolling into SUR all svelte and unapologetic, like, sorry boo – I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel chilling with me madre – yeah, uhhh, that’s who, my mom, but I got you this gift. And Jax sucks.

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Ariana and Tom 1 are not impressed by the lame-pology, but Lala is not impressed by Scheana Marie scuttling over to interject with a phony defense of Ariana. I thought Scheana wasn’t allowed to speak to Lala? She better hope this doesn’t get back to Katie Maloney or she’ll be serving Scheana in her bridal party cake. Neither Lala nor Ariana are having any of Scheana’s ‘interventions’.

Nor is Ariana having anymore of Lala. She and Tom 1 are officially out of the White Rover, White Rover won’t you please come over peace offerings game with Lala. She made her bed – now lie in it; married man or not! All Lala is left with is James Kennedy. Awww… I have a soft serve spot for James with his whiny comments and absolutely no holds barred insults.

James Kennedy

Even without booze, James is still a diabolical mean girl with a heart and soul of gold, well, maybe pewter. He invites Lala over for some rocky road – and rocky roads indeed. He presses her for info about this mystery man but she distracts him by waving the offer of a helicopter to a fancy house in Malibu for a music fest. James’ eyes start spinning like propellers while Lala insists that any semi-hot girl in L.A. with boobs has been offered a ride on a private jet, and she likes the friendly skies.

Time to play Recap Psychiatrist! Honestly – why do Katie, Stassi, and Kristen Doute care if Lala is dating a married man? They truly expect us to believe their witch hunt is justified because Lala fat-shamed Katie once and then took her top off in front of Tom 2?! After all the atrocious things they’ve said about her and done to her, which they conveniently forget. Does tequila give them revisionist history, or is that hubris and denial? The Shebeast is out of line and gross. They are so desperate (and pathetic) for information about Lala, Stassi and Kristen beg James to meet them for a drink – at a bar named, of all places, “The Spare Tire.”

Kristen brags that she’s “one step away from restraining order” against James yet she’s doing this “for Katie.” Is Tom 2 in love with Katie (RHETORICAL QUESTION!), or are Kristen and Stassi? Because they are more up in her cl…

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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Disaster Relief

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Teen Mom 2 recap

Despite the summer weather, an icy chill has fallen on this episode of Teen Mom 2. Well, for everyone but Chelsea Houska, who is excitedly expecting a baby with fiancé Cole DeBoer. All she needs is her social media announcement because as we all know, it’s not real until it’s Facebook official.

Chelsea is feeling all the first trimester fun: nausea and tired, which is preventing her from taking a shower today. She’s also feeling anxious because it’s so early in her pregnancy and she can’t feel kicks yet. Luckily, she finds a heartbeat while using her home Doppler, so that helps ease some of her fears. A few days later, everything is confirmed by the doctor as a healthy pregnancy after Chelsea gets her first ultrasound.


While Chelsea still has some worries after hearing about someone who had a miscarriage after 12 weeks, she and Cole are ready to announce on social media and take some adorable pictures to make the big reveal. Cole expresses his excitement with a sweet, “goodness gracious” and it’s nice to see this special moment between them as the well wishes start rolling in.


There aren’t a lot of well wishes in the life of Jenelle Evans right now, just legal matters. But Jenelle and current boyfriend David Eason have taken a much needed break from the courthouse to tour Lego Land with the kids, minus Kaiser, who is with his dad, Nathan Griffin. Jenelle and David are still hatching a plan to take him back to court, but for now, Jenelle’s attorney, who literally makes a living off her case load alone, tells her to chill since the ink isn’t even dry on their brand new custody agreement.

At an oblivious Nathan’s house, Kaiser seems to be enjoying himself. Once he goes down for his nap, Nathan’s bros come over to show off their gym gains and talk about how Jenelle is still obsessed with Nathan. They say that’s why she’s being so cool and flexible with the custody of Kaiser, completely unaware that she’s been b**ching about it since it was finalized. One of the bros says maybe she’s pregnant and they all laugh about how messed up that would be. We all know that laughter was short lived!

As Jenelle and David make their way to another amusement park before coming back home, mom Barbara Evans calls to arrange pick up of Jace. Jenelle says she wants to keep him for another week and Barb pushes back, saying she pays $150/week to have him in daycare. Instead of being smart enough to at least offer to pay the $150 as a compromise, Jenelle uses the kids’ relationship as a way to BS about Jace wanting to see Kaiser, hoping that will get her what she wants.

Jenelle says she should be able to see her own son and when Barb says they can take it to court, Jenelle yells about how crazy Barb sounds, completely failing to see the irony in how willing she is to go to court in pretty much every other scenario of her life. Poor Jace sits in the back, pretending not to hear, like kids do, while Jenelle and David try and manipulate him and lead him into saying he would rather be with them. Jace is too smart for this crap and says honestly that he likes daycare.


Kail Lowry has been stressed about what’s going on with Javi Marroquin so she does what any Teen Mom would do – grabs her friends and their kids and they all head to Puerto Rico for vacation. Now that I paused long enough to have questioned where I went wrong in life, I watch Kail and her friends lounge on the beach as Kail admits they have filed for divorce. Her friend asks if the relationship can be salvaged and Kail says there is too much damage.

Once she is back from PR, Jo Rivera comes over to drop off Isaac and chat about what the future will hold with Javi coming home that night. Kail doesn’t seem to know but what she does know is that he’s getting home too late to come to her place and so the boys will see him tomorrow, then he will take Lincoln for a whole week. Jo says he wants to talk to Javi and make sure he doesn’t run hot and cold about his agreement to let the boys see each other on the regul…

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